1. Use code tags in order to embed other than YOUTUBE videos on your post. Click twice the code from the text area to form an open-close like tags. Then EMBED your video code between those tags. NOTE: IF YOU WANT TO POST a YOUTUBE VIDEO, ONLY THAT YOU CAN DO IS TO COPY a VIDEO URL and PASTE it into the EDITOR!

  2. There are two types of text editors, the first is VISUAL and the second is TEXT. You may use any editor depending on your preference. If you decide to use visual editor you can access mathematical features by clicking fx. First fx button is for Codecogs Equation Editor and the second fx is for MathTex Equation Editor. If you choose to use TEXT editor rather than VISUAL, to typeset mathematics and other scientific formulae using LaTeX, put your latex code in between the open-close tags "[latex][/latex]". To activate QuickLaTeX on a page, post, or comment use the shortcode "[latexpage]" and then insert LaTeX expressions directly in the text by surrounding them with $..$ or \[..\]. You may also use common LaTeX display environments

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